Martha Tilaar - Biokos White N Clear Silky Moisturizer

BIOKOS WHITE N CLEAR SERIES €“ DERMATOLIGICALLY TESTED, CLINICALLY PROVEN formulated at MT LABROTARIES €“ FRANCE with BIO MULBERRY EXTRACT for all skin types €“a skin whitening/for hyper pigmentation without harmful chemicals to make skin looking brighter and young in 4 weeks. A dual function moisturizer that helps slow down sign of premature aging while making the skin look brighter & radiant. Contains MULBERRY EXTRACT, VITAMIN C which helps reduce production of melanin that camouflage the dark spots on face. LACTIC ACID & SOADIUM LACTATE as moisturizer and ALLANTOIN helps regenerate skin cells. With SUN PROTECTOR & ZINIC OXIDE to protect the skin from harmful effects of UV RAYS while GINKGO BILOBA as an anti oxidant visibly slows down premature aging.

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